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The following chord types are detected : major, minor, 5, b5, 6, m6, 7, m7, M7, 9, m9, M9, 11, diminished, diminished 7, half-diminished, sus2, sus4. All inversions and root notes can be played.




Transpose. Set your tuning note.

Set your tuning note, the chord will be transposed according to that note. This allows to show another musician the chord for his instrument, a saxophone player with a Bb or Eb instrument for instance.

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Full screen on iPhone and iPad.

Swipe up to get rid of the menu bar. The chord name will be displayed using the maximum screen size available. The chord will be shown in portrait or landscape, following your device rotation.

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See it in action. Watch this youtube video.

This playing intends to show how the application works. Another video showing how to connect is available on the youtube channel.



Connect to your instrument via its MIDI interface.



Connect using a USB to Lightning cable, or a 5 pin DIN adapter from iRig.



Connect to Korg MicroKey Air or Yamaha MD-BT01.